We are almost to the finish line ! This week the  students and TA’s met at Andres’ workshop to start construction on the bench that will be near the canopy. Students also continued building upon design of flower Bed and budgeting spreadsheet, while getting a visual of how AutoCAD works. During our digital session, the […]

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Week 5 is a wrap! We continued our design process by breaking out into more specific, detailed groups while finalizing our design, and scheduling out the week of field trips and updates on the project.           We split off into groups while some finished prior group discussions of construction strategies and

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We have hit the half-way mark and it gets more exciting everyday! Week 4 started with a quick debrief of Friday’s presentation and the feedback received from Blackstone. Then we regrouped into specialized groups (such as canopy details, seating, and green space) to create a new Jamboard with new inspirational images, ideas, and sketches.  Guest

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Week 3 is a wrap! This week we spent more time focusing on conceptual designs in small groups about specific elements of the project. We started thinking about the canopy, then moved on to think about signage and landscape ideas. Once we spent some time in our small groups, we came back together as a

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We made it through our second week of ACE DESIGN BUILD! This week started with a T-shirt design activity, where students sketched designs for a t-shirt that would represent the collaboration between ACE and Blackstone Bikes. We practiced speed ideating and integrating different ideas into one cohesive drawing. Students also used Google Jamboard to collaborate

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This year we are doing our best to make the ACE Mentor Chicago Design Build Workshop just as engaging, ambitious, and fun as past years. We have a great group of students, TA’s, and volunteers, as well as a great client in Blackstone Bicycle Works. This week’s field trip took us on a site visit

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