For weeks 16 and 17, we have continued to work away within our respective groups. We are still revising our schemes while understanding more and more how important collaboration, communication and team work really are for a successful project. We are able to articulate, with greater confidence, our design and opinions when it comes to the […]

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This week we continued to work within our groups to develop the design, structure and mechanics of the building. We sketched our ideas out, continually revising what we had to correlate with interior schemes, engineering designs and the exterior facade. We are starting to see how different components of the building can be either tightly

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This week, we continued the exploration and evolution of our designs within our respective groups. We talked about how to express and describe the drivers of our design concepts. We learned more about to integrate different sub teams within the project to develop aspects of the design that immediately effect each other. While we spent

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This week, in the architecture group, we continued the development of the building’s massing (form). We arrived at three different options which we will continue to develop and narrow down in week 13. The engineering and construction groups met to discuss various systems which could be used in the building. They also talked about the possible

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This week, we got to have a Q&A session with the mentors about their college experiences and what we can look for when it comes to different public and private colleges, various university experiences and majors. After that, we broke out into our groups where we progressed each portion of the project. Each team talked

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For week 11, we watched a presentation which described the engineering profession in more detail. After the presentation, we went through a plenum exercise. In this case, the plenum is the space between the ceiling and the floor above. In the plenum exercise, we had to try to fit all of the building system components

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This week, we had our client presentations. Three individuals from the Perkins and Will office served as our clients. We would like to thank Bridget Lesniak, Doug Smith and James Giebelhausen for joining us and providing feedback.   We presented our preliminary site analysis, programmatic bubble diagrams, design concept (parti), and formal massing which we

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This week we went to the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) where they hosted the Lego Lab workshop. Jesse from CAF gave a presentation on the process of design. After the presentation, we were asked to create a duck in 10 seconds out of Legos. We were then asked to pass our ducks to the person

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This week, we learned about elevations and exterior cladding. An elevation is a flat representation of one side of the building. Elevations can describe the form of a building parallel to the point at which the representation is taken. Frequently, elevations are taken and described by direction. For example, a building’s North elevation, South elevation, West

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In week 7, the presentation focused on construction management. We introduced construction sequencing and the critical path method. We also talked about new technologies in the construction arena. We asked what construction tasks need to be done and when? How long will these tasks take and what is the priority of each task? We continued to

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