We made it through our second week of ACE DESIGN BUILD! This week started with a T-shirt design activity, where students sketched designs for a t-shirt that would represent the collaboration between ACE and Blackstone Bikes. We practiced speed ideating and integrating different ideas into one cohesive drawing. Students also used Google Jamboard to collaborate on a group drawing, while learning how to come to a collective decision. The chosen scene was from the movie “Finding Nemo”. 


On Wednesday, founder of Latent Design, Katherine Darnstadt, presented a collection of projects with a scope similar to this Blackstone Bikes project. She also gave students great advice on the process of becoming an architect and working with a group. Mike Madsen from Turner Construction gave a presentation with a focus on the importance of scheduling. 

Some students learned SketchUp for the first time, while others brushed up on their 3D modeling skills by building their bedrooms.

We went on a sketch-walk around the downtown area, where we were able to observe and analyze different environments and systems of the neighborhood. Students who attended class virtually learned about exploded axonometric drawings to represent the network of systems in their respective neighborhoods. 

We concluded the week by meeting with Blackstone to receive feedback on group design choices and were able to ask questions about the needs of the client. 

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