2020 ACE Design Build Workshop – Week 4

We have hit the half-way mark and it gets more exciting everyday! Week 4 started with a quick debrief of Friday’s presentation and the feedback received from Blackstone. Then we regrouped into specialized groups (such as canopy details, seating, and green space) to create a new Jamboard with new inspirational images, ideas, and sketches. 

Guest speaker, Sheena Enriquez, presented her work on restoring historically significant public park buildings in New York. 


To practice our Photoshop skills this week, students were put into small groups with at least one person experienced in Photoshop and one person who did not know how to use it. The activity asked students to create a Photoshop collage of the site with the general ideas we have had as a team, to start to visualize the entire project.

The rest of the week was filled with intense working sessions in our specialized group to make sure every aspect of the project was covered. This includes scheduling, plant sourcing, material sourcing, bike repair and workspace, budgeting, seating, and canopy details. Each group had their own discussions then presented to the entire class to get feedback. This method has made the design process much faster and more inclusive!

The week ended with an exciting presentation and walk-through of a project by DAAM Architects. Elyse Agnello walked us through the ongoing project, Guild Row, an event/maker space for architects and designers. Students were interested in asking about her path to architecture and advice about college. Laurel Chavez was able to give Blackstone students a SketchUp tutorial while the ACE students continued working on designing and material sourcing. Friday ended with a feedback session by Blackstone.




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