We are almost to the finish line !

This week the  students and TA’s met at Andres’ workshop to start construction on the bench that will be near the canopy. Students also continued building upon design of flower Bed and budgeting spreadsheet, while getting a visual of how AutoCAD works.

During our digital session, the students continued their AutoCad drawings of the construction details of the canopy. Afterwards, the students had a lecture on how to create a photoshop collage for their presentation boards. The students also got started on what they wanted to show on their presentation boards and how were they going to present it.

During our field trip, Students get to see two of Turner’s construction sites while gaining knowledge of how the construction parts work on the site. As we want to stay in regulation, we split the group two groups to keep social distancing. While some students were on the construction site, other students were visiting the LowLine underneath the CTA Brown line. It carried similarities of what the students are doing for Blackstone.



The bench crew were able to complete both halves of the bench and, with some finishing touches and will be ready for assembly next week. The virtual group worked on presentation boards and listened to a lecture by Julia Mosqueda of the firm Landon Bone Baker. 


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