For week 11, we watched a presentation which described the engineering profession in more detail. After the presentation, we went through a plenum exercise. In this case, the plenum is the space between the ceiling and the floor above. In the plenum exercise, we had to try to fit all of the building system components (HVAC, lights, electrical, plumbing, structure) into the plenum. This is not as easy as it sounds, especially, with a tight plenum space. Next, we split into the groups which would work on specific engineering disciplines or architecture & interiors. From there, we discussed the building in relation to which group we were now a part of. We tried to refine the massing of the building based on client feedback from week 10. The engineering groups talked through how they were going to proceed based on more finalized building massing and client feedback.

We also discussed ACE scholarship options and who had filled out their scholarship application forms.


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