Over the past few weeks, the design teams have been finalizing the details of the building and communication between each group has been crucial. Each group has a delegate assigned to work out design/execution issues during the coordination meetings.  The students are learning that sketches and diagrams are helpful when relaying information between the groups. […]

Team 2 hit the ground running in week 11 in preparation for next week’s client meeting. The design is underway and collaboration between the groups is coming along to solidify the final building plan. Structural Group: This week, the structural group focused on the basics of framing a building. Based off of the architects’ drawings, the […]

Structural Group: The structural group studied the preliminary floor plans from the architecture group and discussed whether the column locations were sufficient to support the building. We discussed different structural framing schemes that might work for what the architecture group had envisioned. In the end, we concluded that more columns would have to be added […]