Week 4 – Lesson in MEP!

This week’s meeting was held at Primera’s offices. Students were given a presentation by Halvorson and Partners and Primera Engineers on the MEP & Fire Protection disciplines. It is important for students to understand how each discipline plays a role in the overall functioning of a building. In order to give an idea of the amount of MEP coordination that goes into a project, students participated in a fun activity. The “MEP Box” was given to each group of students. The challenge was to fit all of the ceiling elements such as conduit and ductwork into a small wooden box. Different colored pipe cleaners represented different ceiling elements. No two elements could intersect within the box and  students could not bend or change the elements in any way. What first seemed like a simple task, turned into a head scratcher for many groups! At the end of the activity, students had a firsthand look of how complicated MEP systems can get within a tight ceiling space.

img_6913 img_6914

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