The structural team looked at several key details of the project - column layout and support beam direction. They also began drafting the column design in CAD.

One week closer to final design!

We started this week off with a project coordination meeting. The structural group presented their ideas to the architectural group and asked for feedback. The architects liked most of the structural ideas and layouts presented, so it was a relatively easy coordination meeting.

Team 7 Week 15 1

After the coordination meeting, the groups split up to continue working on their portion of the project. The architects continued to look at the building layout and movement of people while the structural group dove into the details of column layout and design.

The structural team looked at several key details of the project - column layout and support beam direction. They also began drafting the column design in CAD.

The structural team looked at several key details of the project – column layout and support beam direction. They also began drafting the column design in CAD.

Just a few weeks left until final presentations! They are scheduled for Friday, April 3rd. Please see the ACE calendar for more details.

Team 7 has been busy over the last few weeks! The three groups continue to work on individual assignments within their specialty (architecture, structural design, or construction and scheduling) but there is plenty of collaboration between groups in order to keep things moving efficiently.

The architecture group made a lot of progress over the past two weeks. They’ve nearly completed the floor plans fo r each of the 3 floors, and have discussed a number of options for the building skins and roof materials.

Team 7 Week 14 1                     Team 7 Week 14 2

The structural group was able to spend the most recent session laying out a column design. Because the building’s second floor footprint will be larger than that of the first floor, some non-traditional support design may be needed in order to support the overhanging areas. A few large open atrium areas will also serve as interesting challenges for the team.

The construction group finished up the physical site model in Week 12. Once the building design is firmed up, efforts will begin to build a physical model of the building to go on the site model. In Week 13, this group discussed a construction staging plan for the site and answered important questions like: Where will we put the construction entrances so that trucks can make deliveries on site? Where will we place our site office so that it doesn’t interfere with the building structure? This past week, they discussed the beginnings of a cost estimate and looked at some example projects.

We are excited to see all the pieces come together over the last few remaining weeks of the year!


Keep in mind:

  • UIUC Field Trip Forms are due at the next meeting (3/11), Field trip is Saturday 3/14
  • The Discover Architecture program at UIUC is a great summer option for those interested in learning more about architecture. Check out the website here. There will be two ACE students awarded scholarships to this program. In addition, there is a drawing competition for a third scholarship opportunity (also on their website).

It’s Crunch Time…

“I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.”

-John Keating, Dead Poets’ Society

In our eleventh week of ACE 2014/15 (wow! only seven more meetings left!) Team 2 met at Primera’s office to learn the particulars of MEP and related architectural engineering. After a nice tour of the office students were presented with the ceiling-in-a-box challenge. Using copper wire, a variety of colored pipe cleaners, a white foam rectangle, and wooden spools and cylinders each pair of students had to coordinate typical MEP systems  within a small box, representative of a ceiling cavity. This was a unique activity to help students truly understand the challenge in coordination, creativity, and space management that engineers undertake daily.

IMG_20150203_174939 IMG_20150203_175228 IMG_20150203_175738


Having completed the ceiling-in-a-box challenge Team 2 reconvened to decide on a final floor plan configuration for the performance space. After this exercise, the students were divided up into discipline groups: architecture, structure, MEP, and construction management. Each discipline group met with the respective mentors from each profession to discuss what specific deliverables or product would need to be presented to our client and the rest of ACE 2014/15 at the final presentation in April. The next several weeks will be spent preparing drawings, models and other tools to convey the project’s concept and goal.

This week was a big week for our group. Now that tests are over, we had most of our students too! We split up into our groups last night, which will carry us through to the completion of the project.

Students got to choose between three groups: architecture, construction (physical model/site), and structures.

The architecture and structures groups worked together this week to begin “massing” the museum. They took the program of the building – the list of all the required components of the building like the bathrooms, cafeteria, artists’ workspace, exhibits, etc. – and began making scale pieces out of foam blocks. The team worked together to put these masses together to create various floor plans for the art museum.

Team 7 Wk 11 - 2

In the construction group, students and mentors worked together to create a site plan in order to look at the museum surroundings and context. The group took an aerial drawing of the surrounding area and began to mock up a model site out of foam board and colored paper.

Team 7 Wk 11 - 1

All the teams worked hard this week and made great progress. Everyone’s ideas are getting more concrete, so it’ll be exciting to see how the various thoughts will help shape and define the museum space over the next few weeks.

We’ll finish up the physical models into next week, and continue to get more detailed from there. Next week is at ASGG again. See you then!


Designing… Breaking up the Masterplan into Parcels…

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney (who obviously never met a cat)

Week 11 was very productive! We divided the site into parcels and started designing more details about each program. The teams were broken up into the dog park, the recreation center, the food truck area, the pavilion and green space which included the boardwalk along the river, and the skate park! The groups included a project manager that helped mediate between the different parcels. Groups worked together in order to create pathways that linked the entire site together… Great job collaborating!!

Breah’s Thoughts for this coming week:

We’re going digital!  Sketchup, Rhino, CAD, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, whatever skills you got, bring ‘em, because we only have 5 weeks left before we have to submit beautiful, thoughtfully designed boards for the CIRT competition.  And if you don’t know any computer design program, well then get ready to live, you’ll be learning something this week!

Important Files:

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS You have one more week to do these!!!  That’s still enough time to ask your nicest teacher for a recommendation letter, and to write a couple super easy short answers on the application form.  J  See you tomorrow!

Next Meeting:

Thursday, February 12 at the VOA Office, 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14.   5-7pm.

This week we discussed façade and floor plans with our team. The meeting began with a brief presentation about building facades’ form and function.  The students then discussed what ideas they had about their form and design of the building based on the revit models they made in week 10.  The students then worked in Revit, but this time looking at the building’s form from plan view. Students considered how the spaces could begin to sculpt and organize their program.

Team 7 Week 10 - 1

We started this week off with some tangram exercises in order to get us all thinking about spaces and spacial interaction. I think we managed to get them all, but some were definitely harder than others!

Team 7 Week 10 Tangrams

After dinner, we continued to work on the project. One of the AS+GG mentors gave a presentation on bubble diagrams, which are often the first step when deciding how a building or site should be organized and orientated. (If you missed this week, let one of the mentors know, and we can send along the power point slides.)

On an aerial overlay, each of the three groups looked at ways to organize our art museum. What spaces should be the largest in the museum? What pieces of the building program should go on the 1st floor? …the 2nd? …the roof? Where should the museum entrance be and which direction should we orient the building? These are all questions we began to tackle with the bubble diagrams. Teams had ample time to come up with several solutions, some starting with one idea and tossing it out just to go in a completely opposite direction.

In the end, we identified a few trends that we will carry over into future meetings as we continue to develop our museum.

Team 7 Week 10 - 3 Team 7 Week 10 - 1   Team 7 Week 10 - 2


Next meeting: Wednesday 2/11 at 5pm at AS+GG’s office