Team 4 + Weeks 12-15

Team 4 has been busy at work finalizing their project. Now that massing is complete, the students continued to work in teams to refine the component details.

The mentors from Thornton Tomasetti explained the different types of structures to the students and worked with the team to determine the material and lateral system best suited for our design. The students then worked in their small groups to develop the floor plans for each of the building’s uses. This was a fun exercise as the students learned the impacts of their floor design on the other floors. They discussed efficient and effective placement of elevators, staircases, and restrooms and worked together to achieve their individual group priorities.

As we near the final presentation, Team 4 broke into new groups. The students had the opportunity to choose the building component or project element they wanted to focus on and chose between working on the Exterior, Site Plan and Lower and First Level Plans, Second and Third Floor Plans, Roof Design, Structure, Construction Management, and the presentation.

Many of the students have been working on the floor plans in Revit and have been excitedly preparing the final product.

Next week, we will continue to finalize Team 4’s project before the presentation on April 3rd!

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