For Week 3, we focused in on each discipline individually. After dinner, each of the three mentor companies presented on some of their recent projects. First up was Jacobs, the engineering mentor firm. They shared a presentation that detailed what the Jacobs Chicago office does and had photos of recent projects, including examples of streetscapes, […]

Week 2 kicked off the series of weeks where the mentors share more details of their various career paths, and the students learn more and more about what the mentors do on their day-to-day jobs. We did two activities following dinner. The first activity was a “murder mystery” game. Three mentors, one each from the […]

Our first week, we met at the offices of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the usual meeting spot for Team 7. We played some Blockus over dinner and then got into some introduction activities. First, we did an icebreaker to relax and start to get to know one another. Everyone grabbed a handful of M&M’s, […]