Student Summary:

Week six was a tough week for us. We had a guest speaker come in, Carmen from Gibson Electric Company, he talked about how imporant it is to install electricity the correct way throughout a buildings, highrises, and homes. In his presention he had many complex drawing showing the power boxes, the electric room, how the wires are organize, etc. Carmen also gave us the idea to put some eltricity in our tool shed, so the people who is working inside to see; he suggested sensored lights. As you already know, we was over more budget by $3,000, so we had to redesign the toolshed. As as team, we decided to take away the greenhouse because this alone was $2,000. The client can still put up a greenhouse in the future.The design team had to redo all the cad drawing and hand drawing for the new shed. We still have our unique roofing, but we had to shorten the size. The build team worked on the budget, and made sure we caught up with our schedule. Starting next week we are going to have to start building the shed!

Jenice (workshop participant)

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