Student Summary:

This week for week 7 we are framing and building the wall panels for the tool shed. At the beginning of the week, one group of the team started cutting the reclaimed wood and another group started to stain the reclaimed wood, while other groups started the framing of the wall panels for the shed.  We’ve had little problems here and there, but we fixed them. The second day, we started to construct the wall panels. We just are almost done with the installation of the rain barriers for the wall panels. We are going to put in a window on the south elevation panel. Right now, we have most of the wall panels done for now. All that is left for the panels with the rain barriers is to install the cladding using the cut and stained reclaimed wood.

Next we will start the construction of the roof panels. We will frame them first to have a layout of the roof panels. After that we will install the rain barriers for the roof. We are going to put in two skylights for the roof so that the tool shed can have natural lighting.  And finally we will build the interior shelves and racks. At the end of this week and the beginning of next week, we will be at the site working on the foundation of the tool shed using concrete and tubing for the concrete. We will have the tool shed finished by the end of the 8th and final week.

Steven Monroe (Workshop Participant)

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