Student Summary:

On week four we started off with two lectures. Matt .B and Matt.D showed up at Curie on monday to talk about materials, and structures. From there the design team started finalizing the concept plans for the shed. The build team putting the final walls for the physical model for the 1/4″ scale model. And started working on the 1/2″ scale model. Also we had the quantity take off. So the build team made a list of the materials that are need for the shed. At the end of the week we had a field trip to Home depot and to the re-build exchange, which we took prices for the list that we made of materials.

Workshop Observations:

  • Monday we had lectures from Matt. B, Matt. D. They talked about different materials, and their companies, and also talked the museum in chicago and the flying carpet which is a bridge.
  • We worked on the elevation of the shed. the build team was started constructing a 1/2″ physical model.
  • Quantity take off
  • We created a list of materials that we are going to need for the shed. And then went to Home depot.
  • We visited the re-build exchange building and Home depot. We looked for materials. And took the prices for some materials.

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