Director Summary:

These handsome photos were taken earlier in the week.. before final completion.  Eleven Chicago Public School students, all entering their senior year, were responsible for the design and construcion of this rain harvesting garden tool shed!  The shed was built for the Ujima Community Garden on Chicago’s west side, but installed on a temporary site at the Cobb Connection Urban farm (N. St. Louis and W. Franklin Blvd.). 

Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work this summer and on a beautiful garden shed design!  Note that the shed was completed aproximately $100 under budget!  Thanks to successful student budgeting and to some timely donations (such as the fabrication of your trellis panels by Chicago Water-Jet, and discounts on our reclaimed wood cladding through the Rebuilding Exchange).  ..if only we had finished on time!

Matt Snoap (ACE Design-Build Director)

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