Week 4 Summary Final Design



We split into two groups, construction group and design group. The construction group is in charge of modeling, budget, schedule, and materials list. The design group is in charge of all drawings. Dominic visited and explained pavillion at Lincoln Park Zoo. Also, he gave us a list of drawings that we need to complete.


We started drawings recomended by Dominic, the new model, and finalizing the budget and schedual. Also, Matt brought in some inspirational pictures!


We started, yet again, a NEW model, continued the budget and worked on CAD revisions and elevations.


RANDY RETURNS!! (he said he was sick but really wasn’t sick… maybe he was sick of us??? idk) Made new revisions to the foundation plan and updated plans and elevations.


We went on a field trip to Lee Lumber. There we received a rough estimate of our material cost, and Bill gave us very helpful suggestions. We also went to a landscaping company and picked out samples of pathways and boulders that would work for our seating.

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