Massing Exercise Part 2//


Many of you came up with many creative techniques for studying and interpreting the program. Instead of looking at the program from a bird’s eye view and arranging it in plan we started playing with it volumetrically. Everyone took what they learned from the programming exercise last week and applied it to the play-doh. Yes we probably got a little messy throughout the process but in the end we had fun and came up with some great ideas. We were able to jot down all of your ideas and create a google doc [ PROGRAMMING REPORT ] (Thanks Dan Swiatek ! )Feel free to print the document and review it so that we can further develop the project this week. Remember this is a collaborative effort and don’t forget to have fun.


Final Massing Exercise –

Final massing based on google doc on the similarities between the 4 group’s schemes.  We’ll use the notes like design guidelines to arrive at a singular massing with input from all four groups.

Park Program Exercise –

Representatives from each team will work with a loose park program (spice garden, vegetable garden, sculpture garden, river walk, etc.) and come up with a rough design of the park area.  This group will also consider the final location of the overall massing on the site.


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