As a group we choose a T-Shirt design winner. We also researched and analyzed Chicago rain fall for collecting water on site( Childrens Garden of Hope). We look up precendent projects that are similair to what we are doing to help with our ideas and designs.


We Practice with plan,section and elevations view using a bell pepper to show the different views of one object. We alse measured the woodworking room to scale and drew out the plan view.


In groups we finalized our brainstorming and then came together and presented our research. Finally we continued with our concepted designs.


We took a trip to a site called ‘The Plant”. It was an example of a closed loopeco-system9net zero). The Plat used Aquaponics to grow plants and vegetables and to products energy. It also had an community kitchen and an annarobic digester (cloosed loop energy system). Finallly we went over the desgin process and the build process.

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