Student Summary:

The Design Charette day was fun and exciting.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Nita Gamble gave us the information about Ujima Garden to get us all started.  We also had guests who lent a helping hand.  We started on our own site plans in groups. we progressed a lot out of the little time we had   and once we finished we presented our concept plans which turned out great! Everyone had different ideas and great concept plans,  collages, bubble diagrams and key ideas maps. We all had a blast!

-Stephanie (Workshop Participant)

Workshop Observations:

1/ Rainfall capture system

2/ Garden site contaminated- Tool Shed will be installed on temporary site

3/ Wheelchair accessibility

4/ Client wanted to keep plants on-site (crabapple trees)

5/ Client would like future mural design by art institute students to be visible from garden site

6/ Ornamentals and seating/ table area are to be on Central Park

7/ Service area on back of site for soil/ woodchip delivery

8/ “L” shaped tool shed

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