Student Summary:


  • Todd talked to us about the restructuring of Lincoln Park that Studio Gang did. He also gave us opinions of our structure (and donated $20 to our budget. Thanks Todd!)
  • Adopted the metal flashing idea for the inside material of the inverted umbrella.
  • Received a rough quoted for the lumber.
  • Started final CAD model.


  • Started the elevation model.
  • Began to adopt the concrete foundation.
  • Finished foundation plan (concrete!).
  • Started sign design.


  • Updated the lumber quote.
  • Started CAD drawings of details.
  • Began hand-drawn perspective drawings.
  • Finalized model.


  • Ordered the pathway and boulders.
  • Continued the CAD drawings.
  • Finished model.
  • Finished sign design.
  • Started designing formwork.


  • Went to site and;

-began digging (ran into bricks, shingles, and electrical wires)

-layed out the pathway

-moved site of structure farther back (closer to vegetable garden)

  • Went to Menard’s and bought;

-screws, bolts, chicken wire, metal flashing, (and snacks)

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