Instructor Summary:

The 2010 Summer Design-Build Studio will meet regularly (M-Th) at Curie Metro High School between 8:00am and 12:30pm; Friday meetings will be off-campus and will involve trips to the project site and other related adventures.  Our team is comprised of 12 Chicago Public High School Students, 1 CPS Instructor, and 1 ACE program director.  We are additionally supported by the ACE Board of Directors, many volunteering construction industry professionals, and the client organization(s).  Financial support is provided by the Chicago Public Schools and Bovis Lend Lease.


CPS Instructor: Tom Miller

contact p: 773.710.6312    e:


ACE Director: Matt Snoap

p: 312.505.7453  e:



Students come from a number of schools across Chicago, including:  Curie Metro High School, Lane Tech College Prep, Simeon Career Academy, Benito Juarez Community Academy, King College Prep, et al.

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