Team 7 – Week 11 – Scholarships Intro

This week, Team 7 mentors went through the scholarship / internship application process with the students and we got everybody started on theirs. We did not have time to finish them, since we had to move on to the project activities, but at least now everybody knows their username / pswd and how to navigate the webpage 🙂 We REALLY REALLY encourage everybody to apply for these as there is a lot of money to go around for those of you who are planning on going to college (all, we hope) and also work opportunities if you don’t have any summer plans. Remember these internships are paid!

ACE 2014_Scholarship Instructions to Students

ACE 2014_School_Recommendation_Form

Above are the links for the application instructions and the sheet to get your recommendations. Remember you need an official school transcript and a recommendation from a teacher, and both of these take time. So we encourage you to, if you have yet to do so, think about what teacher you want to ask for a recommendation and approach the this Monday, and bug them until they’re done. Application deadlines won’t wait for late teachers! And once again, the application deadline is February 21st, 2014 so get started ASAP so you don’t miss this date.

Have a great weekend and see you next Wednesday!

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