College Night

The Week 4 meeting focused on discussing issues related to college- including planning and funding college careers, how to evaluate different college options, and what to do once you finish college.

Some big takeaways:

  • Make use of all available resources. Teachers, counselors, ACE mentors, etc. all have different experience relating to the college process. Be proactive and seek advice from a variety of sources.
  • Consider what YOU want/need from you college experience. College offers an incredible diversity of opportunities, consider how an individual school relates to your goals.
  • Financial planning is important. Take the time to fill out the FAFSA ( to apply for financial aid. Seek out scholarships and apply to as many as possible! When you do decide on a college, talk to the college administration to find out what financial aid they have available.

Finally, if you are seriously considering a career in Architecture, Construction, or Engineering, please make use of the collective knowledge ACE mentors have in planning for a college experience in one of those industries. Learn from the mistakes (and the successes) of those who have gone before you!

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