Team 4 continued the Site Selection and Planning discussion during week 5. The students and mentors broke into small groups to develop our project objectives as well as to brainstorm preferred uses for the site. The students were really creative and identified numerous uses, features, and concepts for our project. It was great to see some students sketching out their ideas for the site and using those drawings to communicate.

Towards the end of the evening, each team presented highlights from their group discussions. Each student was asked to speak during these outbriefs in an effort to help prepare them for future project presentations. Following their presentations, Team 4 was able to identify common goals and programming ideas from the small groups. The work completed during Week 5 will help our team move forward and finalize our programming concepts for the project site.

At Week 6’s session, we will be at the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s (224 S Michigan Ave) Lego Studio where the students will learn more about the design process. In this session, the students will act as developers and learn how to create sites that coordinate well with neighboring sites.

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