In Team 4, we presented ideas for exterior materials for the project, a school dormitory.  The presentation included information about the types of exterior materials and an idea for the shape of our building.  Buildings such as the Aqua Tower and the Shanghai Tower were presented in the presentation.  We discussed the pros and cons of each exterior type such as the cost and availability of the material.  We also discussed that many buildings have a distinct feature that allows people to differentiate between office buildings apartments, and schools. Certain changes in the shape or color of the building allows people to easily make distinction between the function of the building.

After the presentation, we separated into six groups. The groups consisted of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing, Skin, Floor Plans, Presentation, 3D Massing (3D Modeling), and Topography. Each group worked on a specific aspect for the overall building. The MEP group was in charge of the planning for the necessary plumbing and electrical plans for the building. They worked closely with the Floor Plan group to ensure that there are space for the equipment necessary for the building.  The Skin group explored more in depth about the exterior materials and the look and feel of the building. The Floor Plan group started editing the final decisions for the floor plans to make a clearer copy of the type of floors the building will include. With four sessions left to finish the project, the Presentation group worked on presentation tips and the overall layout of a presentation. The 3D Massing group worked on Sketch Up to specify the type of function each floor of the building. Lastly, the Topography group worked on the details of the site.

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