Team 3 / Week 5

This week Team 3 made a visit to the ArcelorMittal Design Studio at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, sponsored by LEGO. Students and Mentors got a chance to rekindle their inner child and play with one the world’s most famous building blocks, Legos!

The first activity of the night asked the group to build something out of Lego pieces that portrayed one of the following design concepts: Elevate, Span, Enclosure, or Texture. Before starting construction students and mentors were encouraged to think of their creations as a composition, rather than a building.

The next activity paired a student with a mentor, and together they had 45 minutes to create a structure, combining their design concepts from the first activity. The end result was wonderful, with a wide variation in forms, from skyscraper shaped towers to temples, and even a barn for a LEGO cow.

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