Our meeting this week took place at the ArcelorMittal Design Studio @Chicago Architecture Foundation, sponsored by LEGO. It was a really unique and exciting way for Team 3 to explore massing and concepts for our project in an environment built to foster creativity.

First, students were asked to think outside the box and build something out of Lego bricks that portrayed 1 of the following: Elevate, Screen, Span, Texture or Enclosure….and no buildings were allowed!  This was a great intro to thinking like a designer and how to start the creative process.  Then the students were released to start thinking about actual buildings and they came up with some great starting concepts for the shape of our project.


We heard a great analogy this week for design….Designing a building is like baking cookies, first you start with the flour and sugar (our program and adjacency diagram) and then you add in the butter and eggs (what we did this week with building massing) and then you add the flavorings and you can’t make cookies without all the ingredients.  I can’t wait to see how our batch of “cookies” comes out!


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