Team 3 + Week 11

The designs are taking shape!  Our team has been working for a couple weeks now in teams and they are tackling some big questions.  Now that we have located the core to the building and determined what portions we will be doing adaptive reuse to, its time to plan.

The engineering groups talked about sustainable strategies and which we can apply to our building.  Since we have a number of garden spaces, water reclamation might be a big help.  The structural group talked about our steel framing bys and planned for the long-span in our auditorium.

The design group broke into 3 person groups and each tackled a floor design based on our previous bubble diagrams.  The students kept adjacency in mind and coordinated each floor with the ones above and below to ensure the building stacked logically.  Another small group worked on facade design and built on the sketches the group came up with several weeks back.

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