Week 8 Recap

Happy New Year!

After a long holiday break, we got back into the swing of things this week and begain to build models of our site.  While they are far from complete, the neighborhood is already starting to take shape.

To explore the various modeling techniques used by architects we broke into three groups: the physical model group, the virtual model group, and last but not least the research group.  Having no artistic or practical skills myself, I joined the research group.  Come on, how hard can it be to look through books and say I like that building.

The physical modeling got their hands dirty in the modeling room – the 3D printer was fired up and the heat was turned on and the styrofoam was a flying.

Where We Go From Here

Next meeting:

Goettsch Partners office @ 224 South Michigan Ave, Floor 17

5:00 – 7:00 on January 15th

At our next meeting, we will be getting into the topic of sustainability – so bring your green hat and some recycled paper and we will get at it.

Remember keep thinking MAKE-WATCH-PLAY!

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