Site Visit
We will be meeting Tuesday, November 13th at Goettsch Partners. Shortly after, we will head to Team 2’s ACE site for the year! (on the corner of Illinois and Rush) I hope you all enjoyed last class where we introduced the site, and began brainstorming for a program. Here’s a list of some of the great ideas the students and mentors came up with:

Modern art museum, fashion museum, memorial, music venue with recording studio/performance area, skate park, food factory (popcorn, grilled cheese sandwiches, marshmallow, etc),  pavilion, youth center. When you go to the site think of what programs would attract tourists, engage residents of Chicago, and entertain visitors.

It’s going to be sunny with the temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s so remember to dress appropriately! You will be returning home when class is over, so arrange to leave/be picked up from the site.

On the site we will be doing a scavenger hunt, so it is important that you remember to bring these items:


Notepad/sketch book


Here is the board presented last class with images of our site for your reference:

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