Team 2 + Week 17

This week’s blog post isn’t going to recap anything…there isn’t much to recap,  there is however A LOT more to do to get ready for the final presentation in a few weeks.  Instead, I hope you guys can use this post as a means to discuss what your group needs for next week.  Just comment on the post.  If you see a comment pertaining to your group, feel free to respond to it.  If your group has some visual information that might be useful to everyone, please feel free to email me any images, and I’ll post it on the blog for everyone to see.

Here's where we are for the first floor plan right now. I'll update the post with any additional images I receive. So keep checking back!!!

Next meeting:

Goettsch Partners office @ 224 South Michigan Ave, Floor 17

4:30 – 6:30 on 6 March

We have two more weeks to shape up this building, so communication here on out is super important.  I’ll update this blog post (daily, if I need to!) with any new information that pops up, so mentors and students alike, shoot me an email if there is anything you want everyone to know in preparation for putting together this building, what we need in preparation for the next meeting, or anything we think needs to be done by the end of next week!!  KEEP CHECKING BACK, THE INFORMATION IN THIS POST WILL CONTINUE TO CHANGE!  Happy homeworking, I look forward to seeing everyone next week!

Current section. From Halsted, looking West.

7 thoughts on “Team 2 + Week 17”

  1. My group is the physical model group. It’s me and montrel. We’re going to need a bit of everything from all groups but mist importantly the floor plans. Thanks

  2. The 3D Virtual Model group, consisting of Aaron and myself, is currently in the midst of sketching some aesthetics that could potentially be added to the exterior of our building to increase the visual appeal. We will propose and decide on one style, then begin the actual 3D virtual model in either Google Sketchup, or Revit Architecture during our next meeting. Right now my judgment says we’re set for all the information we need to get the job done promptly.

  3. Hey guys, this is the Diagram group, I’m the only one, right now we are doing traffic, circulation, and weather diagrams. Mainly i need the exterior facade, so the building in the diagrams looks the same as the other groups, but an elevation would be helpful for the traffic diagram of the inside the building, thanks.

  4. Red leader reporting in. Except not really. Section view group has got things down, however, it would be nice to have floor plans for more than just the first floor.

  5. Hey peoples, this is the Elevation group, which consist of myself. But I’m working closely with the 3D Virtual Model group, Ted and Aaron, but I’m more focus on the exterior part of the building. Things are going as we plan but I would like to see those floor plans, please, so I could get an idea on how big its really going to be, thanks 😉

  6. Theodore Brockly

    Thanks kindly to Rebekah and Netter, we have the first floor dimensions in the 3D Virtual Model group. If you guys email me at [], I will kindly forward the information around (it is in the form of a Revit file, if you do not have Revit leave me a comment in the email and I’ll screen-capture the dimensions and send images to you).

  7. If you have done ANY work outside of the meeting PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring that work with you on Tuesday. If you you don’t bring your progressed material, it makes it that much harder to continue during the meeting, and coordinate with the other groups at the same time!! Thanks guys!

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