Programming was so much fun this past week!  Maybe you all weren’t starry-eyed with everything going on, but as of Tuesday, we kinda have a building guys!  DISCLAIMER: so, this building is going to change a lot over the next couple of weeks, and in the end, it won’t look anything like what we started yesterday (so don’t fall in love with it)…but it’s always hardest to actually START something…as one of my peers always said in studio “I know what I have to do, I just have to do it” and then went and played guitar hero for three hours in procrastination.  The stressful part is over, and now we have something to work with.


It’s a good thing everyone’s bubble diagrams looked awesome because, had they not it would be rough to start putting together a building.  This was a great exercise to do though because it makes you realize a lot about what you want to accomplish and what you actually can accomplish.  It forces us to be realistic about how much area we have allotted per spacial type, what spaces should be approximate to each other, and potentially how you move throughout the building, both horizontally and vertically.  It was nice to having 5 diagrams completed: a little diversity allowed us to grab some of the best ideas from each and use them to start compiling a more thought-out theater.  We’ll finish this exercise at the start of next week’s meeting.

The bright colors differentiate program, don't worry we don't be creating a rainbow - painted building.


HELIOS DESIGN + BUILD office @ 224 North Ada Street  (

4:30 – 6:30 on 31 January

Ok, so you should all really come to next week’s meeting…you get to check out a cool new office, finish the Sketch-up model we started working on, start a construction activity, and like always, get free food.  This should be fun, and I’m excited. (Also there’s a map in the slideshow 🙂 directing you how to get to the Helios office, please let us know if you need any additional information as to how to get here…we don’t want you guys wandering around the streets all night.)

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