Its breaks my little heart to think of the ACE project being done.  (Well that statement didn’t make me sound like I’m from the South did it??)

Most of TEAM 2!

I’m so happy with the people that made it out to the final project presentation for the year.  You all put in a lot of work here in the past few weeks to put this all together, and I think you should all be proud with the way it turned out.  This was also a great opportunity to look at all the other teams, what they’ve been up to for the past few months.  What you’ll learn as you continue moving through these professions, is that you can learn just as much from watching your peers present, and interacting with them, as you will from anything else.  I sure hope everyone was able to take advantage of this!  A special thanks to those who presented the project and expressed some of things you learned throughout the course of ACE.  I’m not really a fan of talking in front of 5 people much less an entire room full of them, so thanks to those who spoke up in public and clearly explained our polished project!

If anyone wants a copy of the Dionysis presentation, here it is!! ACE TEAM 2_FINAL PRESENTATION  Brag to your parents, friends, and keep learning from this project.  The more you explain things and get excited about what you’ve accomplished, the better off you’ll be in the long run, and the more prepared you’ll be when going off to college.


Also a big congratulations to anyone who stuck around and received a scholarship, internship, or position on the design build team!    Everyone on Team 2 wishes you the best of luck, and we sure hope you make us proud out there!  We so enjoyed every one of you this year and really appreciate your hard work.  Good luck out there, and please feel free to contact any of us with any questions, concerns, or problems you have in the future!!!  And now, to wrap up all the sappy goo that just fell out of my mouth, I’ll end the year and where it SHOULD end:


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