Guys, get pumped about beginning our studio project, because I don’t want be the only one who is just tingling with anticipation!  We’re finally jumping into it – the Library Competition – it’s been decided.  We think that this project not only gives you a healthy set of constraints and problems to solve, but it also gives you a pretty big amount of creative freedom to go nuts with.  Why not, right?  If you read up on some of the project parameters, you’ll notice that there is a lot to get done in the next couple of weeks, so we hope you guys are up for some meetings packed to the brim with objectives.  Our deadline on 14 March means we have 8 weeks to fill our presentation boards with architectural plans and sections, 3D models and diagrams, structural engineering analysis, construction scheduling, feasibility, and logistics, and sustainability analysis.

We gave you all a few options of scope to choose from, as the Harold Washington Library is enormous, and there is no way we can renovate the whole thing:

1. Prototype Floor

2. Redesign and renovation of Floors 1-3

3. Redesign and renovation of Top 3 Floors

Harold Washington Library

Hopefully, after working on collages, and pouring a little thought into which scheme would be most appealing renovation, you’ve developed a basic understanding as to WHY we should renovate a particular area.  Continue thinking about your collages, we’ll be presenting next Thursday, and voting on a scheme to move forward!

Also, Yao found this little tidbit for your library knowledge – it’s a quick fun read with pretty pictures if anyone is interested!!rP3AJ

In addition to commencing our design project, this past Thursday, we spoke about what it takes to become an Architect, Engineer, or Construction Manager – beginning in high school.  There are a lot of difficult college classes, long registration exams, and overtime hours, BUT these are great professions to be in and certainly worth it all.  If you ever have any questions about college classes, internships, or the working world, any of us mentors would be happy to answer them!

Instructions on how to become an Architect ——> Here (Engineering and CM dudes, feel free to add anything that applies your field!)

Next Meeting:

Thursday, January 16

VOA Office @ 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14

(NOTE! There is no project site visit this week – that date will be sometime in February…we’ll let you know 😉 )

Time 5:00-7:00

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