Team 1 / Week 4

Owners Rep… WE…working together to solve the problem…



It is extremely important for a satisfactory result of any design to spend time on the search of the accurate and essential meanings, investigate their complexities, learn about their ambiguities, understand the context of use to better define the parameters within which we will have to operate. In addition to that it is useful to follow our intuition and our diagnostic ability to funnel the research and arrive to a rather conscious definition of the problem at hand.”

 –Massimo Vignelli



Week 4 started off with a great explanation of Owner Representatives like Arcadis and also an emphasis on “we”, that as a team… a group of people can achieve anything that they put their mind to! We also got to role play in a mini project with Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Owners Representatives. This was some of the best work yet, I would say! Great job creating those leggo structures of the George Lucas Museum. All of the teams worked well together and filled their roles appropriately. From Owner’s rep meetings to collaboration on design to turning paper into reality (in leggo scale)- I can see designers-in-the-making for sure! Can’t wait to see you guys at the construction site for an adventure-filled scavenger hunt…


Important Files:

Field Trip Permission Slip

ACE Presentation_Owners Rep


Next Meeting:

the construction trailer located on 3611 S Dearborn Chicago, Il 60609


Questionnaire: (Reply an Answer to this Blog for a Candy at our next meeting!):

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  • Which of the following describes a Project/Program Manager – Owner’s Representative?

    (list letters of all that apply)

    a. Get it done on time and over budget

    b. Interface closely with all team members with a biased perspective

    c. Eyes and ears

    d. Low responsibilities

    e. Incorporates & coordinates client goals, program, schedule & budget

    f. Manages design team

    g. Manages construction team

    h. Protects client interests throughout the process

    i. Keeps the client happy




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