One more week!!!!  We got a lot done in this week’s meeting, but there is still just a little left to be worked out we start putting boards together!  See below for what still needs to be done, and who’s homework responsibility it is.  We are going to be in such fantastic shape if all this gets done, I can’t believe how awesomely this project has come together! Can you tell I’m excited?  Is it annoying?  Wait, don’t answer that…

  • Site Plan – (Someone with PSD please volunteer to finish this task – email Yao for details) – Color needs to be finished
  • Architectural Plans for Floors 1-3
  •      (Matt)First floor color needs to be finished
  •      (Christian)Second floor needs to be labeled
  •      (Who was working on this?)Third floor color needs to be finished
  • Sections – (Someone with PSD please volunteer to color these!)
  • 3D Model Images – (Leandro)Finish model and pick images to bring to next week’s meeting
  • Structural Engineering Diagrams – (Alex, Pierce, Brittney)Produce images to go on board
  • Sustainability Diagram – (Dustin & Christian)Figure out sustainable materials and approaches for this building (10 things each) – find images to incorporate into our presentation board, ex:  low-e windows, natural lighting; low-flow toilets; carpet made of recycled material – google stuff, you’ll find a lot!
  • Budget Estimates – (Arcadis to help finish at beginning of next meeting)  
  • Construction Schedule / Feasibility – (Clune to help finish at beginning of next meeting)
  • Construction Logistics Plan – (Clune to help finish at beginning of next meeting)

Next week, we’ll be assembling everything that we have done for the past couple of months and put together our two presentation boards for the competition.  Yao brought to this past week’s meeting and example of the quality of presentation that we’re hoping to achieve.  I mean ours is going to be better, but – just so you know what to expect.

Hope to see everyone next week to wrap up with this competition entry!

Next Meeting:

Thursday, March 13

VOA Office @ 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14

Time 5:00-7:00

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