Hey guys, guys, its starting!!  This week was really the first week of actually assembling the beginnings of a renovated building – and it’s a pretty big first hurdle to jump.  It’s like finally starting that English paper after staring blankly at a white computer screen for 2 hours, and procrastinating on Facebook for another 3.  The “bubble diagram” that you all worked on looks like a lot of bits and pieces of things everywhere – and that’s good!  That means that you all thought about how people are going to move through the building and adjusted it accordingly.  You thought about separating quiet spaces from noisy spaces, separated children from adults, and made it easy for people to get in and out, while at the same time providing places for people to sit around and read a book on their lunch hour!  The discussion between everyone is good – having someone question your design choices isn’t always a bad thing – it’s just another person’s way of looking at things, and it can bring a whole new view to the table that you may have never even considered.

Now, since we’ve divided into groups (architecture, construction, engineering) we can begin some coordination as to what the renovation is going to look like, how it’s going to be physically supported, and how it’s going to be constructed (and if you really want that petting zoo in the library, how you’re gonna get the poop out).  The designing is the fun part – so I hope everyone can make it next week, and together we’ll make a super good-looking library 😉

Next Meeting:

Thursday, February 6

VOA Office @ 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14

Time 5:00-7:00

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