Everybody get your ‘Helmuts’… um Hardhats

“Nature is not seen as an indifferent, inscrutable force…but rather a collection of material things whose reasons and relations architecture has the task of revealing… the origin of architecture is nature worked as a product of thought…Man put stone on the ground in order to recognize place in the midst of the unknown and thereby measure and modify it…

-Vittorio Gregotti



Week 5 was quite an adventure! We visited a VOA active construction site for the Park Boulevard Multi-Family Residential Project in Chicago. VOA’s Ben Buehrle plays the Construction Administration role for the project. He gave us a very informative tour of the buildings under construction. We got to see all of the skeleton and guts of a building and then we saw similar units that were already almost complete. It’s scary how much we don’t see of what is inside our walls. Now we know! Everyone seemed so interested and had a ton of questions for the mentors. Mentors learned a lot too 🙂 The scavenger hunt was a great way for everyone to engage in learning about different items one would find on a construction site. It was also cold and dark the whole time (except for the one random heater in the kitchen of our last stop on the site visit!)… the photos portray this dark and spooky aura.

Happy Holidays ACEers! Come tomorrow prepared to make your resume for college!


Important Files:


Scavenger hunt


Next Meeting:


225 W. Wacker, Suite 2160

5-7 PM


Questionnaire: (Reply an Answer to this Blog for a Candy at our next meeting!):

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  • Name the construction site item that is red in color and used for protection in smoke and or sound assemblies for joint systems and through penetration systems. It is the mooshy material that we saw.



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