Introducing the Site and Building with Food!

This week students met at Turner Construction. They played a Career Match Game Show to learn more about ACE professions. By asking three mentors a few questions about their field, students figured out which one was an architect, engineer, and construction manager. The design project was introduced and students brainstormed ideas for the program. This year’s design project is very exciting and is located on a very interesting site in downtown Chicago. After brainstorming, the meeting ended with a challenge: to build the tallest structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows! After a while of discussing ideas, the teams built their structures. The tallest structure won a prize! Thank you all for coming! We’re looking forward to a great ACE season!


  • Next week, we will be visiting the site so wear comfortable shoes and bring a camera if you would like to take photos of the site. Meet at corner of Dearborn and Walton, not at Turner. Please bring your permission slip.
  • Please email your photo to (otherwise, we will use your photo from orientation night)

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