• Student Summary:

During Week 6 we started to create a scale model of our design at 3”=1’, it has been very complicated to accomplish that in the small amount of time we have left. Everything has been coming along, all the hand drawings have been finished or almost finished. Last week Bernie Schmidt came in to talk to us about solar panels. He works for renewable energy alternatives. Bernie talked to us about different types of solar panels, different sizes and he also talked to us about what angle the solar panels need to be to get the most efficiency. After his presentation we had one question, should we change the cube, which will hold the solar panels, from a 45-degree angle to a 35-degree angle? At the end of the week we met with Bob Pancoe, which is the owner of Emco Metal Works. He had a mockup to show us of our design a few adjustments were made, but in the end it was just what we wanted.

Weekly Progress/Observations:

• Started building hand model at 3”=1’

• Construction Drawings
o Site plans
o Cube elevations
o Hand Dimensions

• Modeling Team
o Worked on the block details
• Lights
• Lettering

• Bernie Schmidt
o Works for Renewable Energy Alternatives
o Talked about solar panels
• Different types of solar panels
• MonocrystaLline
• Polycrystalline
•Different sizes
• Cost
• $5,000 for both
o Solar panels should be at a 30 degree to 35 degree angle for better results

• Field trip to steel fabricator
o We were given a tour of the shop by Bob Pancoe owner of Emco Metal Works
o Bob had a mockup to show us
• There were a few adjustments
• Height changed from 24’ to 22’

-workshop participant

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