Design Build – Week 5 – Documentation


Student Summary:

In week 5 we continued working hard on the two different models. We worked hard  on both models and drawings to present them in a way so that the community members could make their decision. On July 19, we had a meeting with the community members and in that meeting both the model of the hands and the person joining the neighborhood were presented. The community members were really impressed by the model of the hands, they liked that the model had lighting, mosaic tiles, and they liked that we modified the arms so that it was more straight rather than spiral. At the end of the meeting, the community members all voted on the design that they wanted to have and the design that they chose for us to continue working on was the model of the hands.  On Wednesday we had a guest speaker: Jessica Hogue come talk to us. She is an architect at Smith Gills and works with 3-d Modeling (program she uses is Rhino). She also gave us some help us with the solar panels (recommended that we put the panels 30 degrees facing south).

Weekly Progress/Observations:

– Worked on drawings and scale models of both designs

– Community meeting (where the focus design was chosen)

*Guest speaker: Jessica Hogue

– Works as an architect at Smith Gill

-She talked about how she works with 3-d modeling

– Helped us with the solar panels

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