Congratulations to our Students!


Congratulations to the 2013 Design Build Team for completing a beautiful project in Ping Tom Park!  Students completed installation of (2) temporary park benches, (1) Chinese Chess game-table (a.k.a., Xiangqi), and (1) sign table with a map of the park!  The project turned out beautifully and was already receiving a lot of attention in the park.  Please see images of the student work below..

Students presented their design ideas to ACE supporters on Friday, August 09 and received scholarships for successfully completing the program.  ACE would like to thank all those that turned out in support of the project on Friday morning- your attendance shows support for our students, your applause ensures a festive atmosphere, and your questions challenge the team and improve the thoughtfulness of their designs.

I would also like to pass a special thank you to the students who came out to complete installation over the ensuing weekend- especially Isiai and Chance who stuck around all weekend and probably would have kept working right through the rainstorm if I didn’t insist that they leave!

I hope each of our 17 high school students and 2 college assistants had a great summer experience and will walk away with a greater understanding of the design process, and added insight into the leadership of one of Chicago’s strongest communities.

Matthew Snoap, ACE Workshop Director

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