Chicago Scholars | Application and Deadline

Hi Teams 1, 2, and 3:

Happy Holidays!! Hope things are going great for you and for your teams. Before you break we wanted to send you information on the Chicago Scholars program application process and ask that you give it to the relevant students on your team. Briefly, Chicago Scholars is an organization that we are partnering with that provides students with considerable assistance in getting into college and supports them in various ways throughout their college career. This is something we have always wanted to provide but never had the resources to do so and we are excited about having this opportunity.
There are two attachments – a one page notice you can give to the juniors on your team who meet the criteria to apply, and a second document that gives additional information about Chicago Scholars and their application process. Please give this information to every junior on your team who :
• Lives within the Chicago city limits
• Attends a Chicago high school (public, charter, private or parochial)
• Has a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. and a 19 PLAN/ACT score or higher
• Is potentially the first in their families to attend college, has high economic need, and/or comes from otherwise underserved communities

If you don’t know if a student meets these qualifications please err on the side of including them. The DEADLINE TO APPLY IS JANUARY 31, 2012. We ask that you follow up with the students after break to see if they have applied and offer any help you can in getting them to finish the application process.
Last year, we found out about the program too late for our students to apply. We did get some of our students into the program through a separate process but we had to pay a fee for that which then made us unable to give those students one of our own scholarships. So that is why we would like as many of our students to apply on their own so we can give them additional scholarships from our own funds.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for ALL that you do for our students!

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