Been Buildin’: Back-Breaking Work


Safety First


Two representatives came from Mortenson Construction to talk about safety on the construction sites and about jobs in the field of engineering, architecture, and construction.  They supplied us with safety hats, glasses, and gloves.

A group of us worked on staining the bench backings. Image

Another group worked on pouring in the concrete into the foundation formwork.Image

Rachel mixing concrete.Image

Bobby carving in the game board insert.  Image


The Building Phase

The painting group staining the spacers for the benches.


The unmolded concrete foundation….. it weighs about 400 pounds :/Image


“Are Kameron and I really getting reimbursed with two planks of wood?”- Ben

“Who’s Scarface?”- Micki

“Where’s the neutralizer?! Where’s the NEUTRALIZER!”- Justin

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