ACE Team 5 – Construction Management

What is Construction Management all about?  Well last week we met for our second meeting at the office of Bovis Lend Lease to find out.  Mentors explained what the roles of construction managers are and the processes they go through in order to get a building constructed on time and under budget.  Students learned the differences between the project manager, quality control manager, safety manager, and laborer by participating in a role simulation game.  The objective of the game was to combine yellow and blue colored water to most closely match the control cup’s shade of green water (responsibility of the quality control manager) while spilling as little as possible (responsibility: safety manager), finishing quickly (responsibility: project manager), and perform the work skillfully and correctly (responsibility: laborer). 

CM Role Simulation


Reminder:  Our next meeting on November 10th is to visit our project site.  We will be meeting at State and Congress (by the Harold Washington Library) at 4:30pm. 

Also, remember to be thinking/sketching/writing/photographing ideas you have on what would make an ideal school.

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