ACE Team 4 – Week 12

We are getting close to the final presentation and everyone is putting their final touches on the projects. Below is a summary of assignments students are currently working on. Let’s plan on finishing up soon so that everyone has time to practice presenting. Best of luck!

Tonight our group started the dorm room design in AutoCAD. We designed a typical dorm room and its layout. We collaborated with the other teams, giving them room sizes and figuring out where to place our columns in plan. We are now finalizing the floor plans for the final presentation.

We have started to take into consideration the construction of the building on site. Things we looked at included construction schedule. Such as the right time to start to pouring in order to avoid cracks in the concrete. We had to collaborate with the floor plan group to see where would the walls go so the cement trucks and other construction equipment could be placed so they wouldn’t have to move around too much and there could be space. We categorized all the things that could be done, like while some one is finishing the concrete we could work on something else and had a list of all the phases we had to do and how long it would take to finish each floor.

Our group started looking at the buildings appearance as we started implementing a series of envelope techniques. We had used google as a tool to search different images to spark and inspire designs along with ideas. We had also used google maps in order to get an idea of the site context. Once we had a general idea of the enclosure we started sketching. We hope to develop a system that can be implemented to the project massing as we reach a final design.

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