ACE Team 4 – Week 1

Welcome students and mentors! A recap on what has taken place in ACE these past few weeks.

We kicked off our first meeting by pairing students and mentors. Pairs shared stories and discussed how they became involved in ACE. It is great to know everyone is interested in making this a fun and educational experience. A game of Architecture Charades followed soon after. A number of mentors and mentees re-enacted a series of famous buildings. Below are some images of the results. Enjoy!


WEEK ONE (Nov.11):
Great job mentors and mentees on our ACE-Urban Scavenger hunt. Mentors and students divided into teams and toured Canon. We then headed outside to explore the city. Teams identified a series of items which ranged from cladding to modern architecture. The scavenger hunt focused on the role of the different parties involved in the construction industry including architects, construction managers, and structural engineers. If you were not able to make it this week feel free investigate what each discipline does. Preview:

Our next meeting will take place @ Thornton Tomasetti. Get ready for our next activity, ACE Roles!




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