Further Developments

Design Decisions

Since the client meeting, we finalized a more precise budget and decided we have the resources to build two benches and a game table.  We split into Design and Build teams for the table and the bench, the Design teams working on design and construction documents, while the Build teams completed the budgets and schedules.  We also altered the bench and table designs to provide both securer support and heightened aesthetic appeal.  With the help of our mentors, we added leg room, foot rests, and cup holders to the table and spacers to the bench.


New game table design with alternating wood disks and spacers


Improved bench section with better support

Field Trip

After finishing our budget, we took a field trip to two stores to get our supplies!  At Lee Lumber we toured their lumberyard and wood shop; then we placed our personal order for wood with one of the sales associates.  At Home Depot we were able to get the rest of the materials we needed, including stain, fasteners, and concrete.




After receiving our shipment of wood from Lee Lumber, we have begun the prefabrication process, cutting the top of the game table and beginning to measure the backs of benches for cutting.


Students measure wood for backs of benches


Martha and Andrew sand spacers for the bench


Isai marks wood for cutting


Students work together to construct game table top


Bobby saws a sonotube

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