Client Meeting

Our Design-Build team presented the proposal ideas to the Ping Tom Park Advisory Council at the Chinese American Service League.


  • The Advisory Council supported a temporary installment to facilitate park district approval, form a prototype, and combat vandalism.  They wanted the design to be temporary but durable, and movable, but not easily moved.
  • The Advisory Council also questioned our proposed materials.  Due to current vandalism and tagging problems.
  • Our garden proposal was not formally approved by the Council because the project is both not feasible within our schedule and we would need to acquire Chicago Park District approval.  Instead, the Advisory Council suggested we complete the garden design and incorporate it into a master plan that could be used in the future.


  • A member of the Council gave us great feedback on our bench design.
  • Darryl Tom noted that most visitors of the park would prefer our designs to be placed under existing shade.
  • More design needs to be incorporated into the game tables


  • “We approve of the ideas proposed to us today of the temporary installations at Ping Tom Park.” -Ping Tom Advisory Council


  • Stakes for temporary furniture foundations
  • Having no foundation for the table would be easier to build, but might sink into the dirt with the earth’s natural processes.
  • Build on the concrete path that goes about 6 inches down to prevent from having to build a foundation at all.
  • Build under the viaduct for shade.
  • For the bench, pair shorter backs with longer seats and longer backs with shorter seats.

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