2012 ACE Alumni Scholarship Announcement!

Dear ACE Chicago Alumni,

The Chicago ACE Mentor Program and Associate Board of Directors is happy to announce two scholarship opportunities offered exclusively to ACE Chicago Alumni!

The fourth annual ACE Alumni Scholarship is a one-time $2000 scholarship to Chicago alumni who are seeking a degree in the fields of Architecture, Construction, Engineering, or related disciplines at the undergraduate or graduate level. Students pursuing an engineering degree are additionally eligible for the Elli W. Cohen Scholarship, a recurring $2000 award paid annually for a maximum of 3 years until graduation. Each award is offered to encourage excellence at the college-level and to bridge our support of ACE students from high school graduation to an eventual career in the design or construction industry. Qualifying students must have at least one year of post-secondary education; those who have just completed the high school ACE program and are first year college students are not yet eligible.

ACE – alumni scholarship announcement

Please see the attached application for full details.  All materials must be received by the application deadline of Friday, October 12, 2012.  Email acementorchicago@gmail.com with any additional questions.

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